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Wiley's ExamXpert Quantitative Aptitude (QA) Simplified for CAT

( 2017, English, Paperback )

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Author :
Ashu Jain
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Wiley ExamXpert QA Simplified for CAT has been written keeping in mind the needs of those who wish to enhance their quantitative aptitude for the various management entrance examinations. The book adopts a unique pedagogical style in that it discusses key concepts of Quantitative Aptitude by providing illustrations and solved examples and follows each key concept by a battery of questions relevant to that concept for better learning retention. The book has been authored by Mr. Ashu Jain who is a serial CAT taker and multiple times 99 percentile scorer on the CAT. 

Additional Information

ISBN 9788126569571
Book Code 9788126569571
Imprint Wiley
Author Ashu Jain
Book Type Study Guide
Publishers Wiley India
About Publisher Wiley's Global Research business is a provider of content-enabled solutions to improve outcomes in research, education and professional practice with online tools, journals, books, databases, reference works and laboratory protocols. With strengths in every major academic, scientific and professional field, and strong brands including Wiley Blackwell and Wiley VCH, Wiley proudly partners with over 800 prestigious societies representing two million members. Through Wiley Online Library, they provide online access to a broad range of content: over 4 million articles from 1,500 journals, 9,000+ books, and many reference works and databases. Access to abstracts and searching is free, full content is accessible through licensing agreements, and large portions of the content are provided free or at nominal cost to nations in the developing world through partnerships with organizations such as HINARI, AGORA, and OARE.
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Publishing Date Jul 29, 2017
Publishing Year 2017
Shelf Category Exam Preparation
Pages 625
Binding Paperback
Language English
Exam CAT

How to Access your Videos

1. Number System – I: Factors, Multiples and Exponents
Types of Numbers
Divisibility Rules
Surds and Indices
Factors of Composite Numbers
Vedic Maths
Practice Exercise

2. Number System – II: Remainders, Factorials and Base System
To Find the Last Digit of Numbers
To Find the Last Two Digits of Numbers
Base System and Conversions
Practice Exercise

3. Commercial Math
Profit and Loss
Simple and Compound Interest
Practice Exercise

4. Ratio, Proportion and Mixtures
Mixtures and Solutions
Practice Exercise

5. Time and Work
Time and Work
Pipes and Cisterns
Practice Exercise

6. Time, Speed and Distance
Average Speed
Applications of Ratio and Proportion
Relative Speed
Upstream and Downstream Motion
Circular Motion
Practice Exercise

7. Polynomials, Algebraic Formulae and Linear Equations
Algebraic Formulae
Polynomial Equations
Linear Equation
Practice Exercise

8. Quadratic Equation
Nature of Roots
Relationship Between Roots and Coefficients of Equation
AM, GM, HM and Roots of Equations
Continued Fractions
Common Roots
Graphical Interpretation of Quadratic Function
Practice Exercise

9. Functions and Graphs
Open and Closed Interval
Domain and Range
Common Functions and their Graphs
Even and Odd Functions
Inverse of a Function
Composite Functions
Recursive Functions
Rotation of Graphs
Practice Exercise

10. Inequalities, Maxima and Minima
Fundamental Rules
Linear Inequality
Quadratic and Higher Order Inequalities
Modulus Based Inequality
Logarithmic Inequality
Maxima and Minima
Use of AM, GM and HM
Practice Exercise

11. Logarithms
Rules of Logarithms
To Find the Number of Digits in a Number
Practice Exercise

12. Progressions
Arithmetic Progression (AP)
Geometric Progression (GP)
Harmonic Progression (HP)
Three numbers in AP or GP or HP
Arithmetic-Geometric Progression (AGP)
Special Series
Practice Exercise

13. Set Theory and Venn Diagrams
Universal Set and Complement of a Set
Operations on Sets
Venn Diagrams
Practice Exercise

14. Permutation and Combination
Fundamental Principle of Counting
Permutation and Combination
Applications of Fundamental Principle of Counting
Circular Arrangements
Applications to Geometrical Figures
Group Formation
Practice Exercise

15. Probability
Product Rule for Independent Events
Binomial Probability
Conditional Probability
Baye’s Theorem
Geometrical Probability
Practice Exercise

16. Plane Geometry
Lines and Angles
Practice Exercise

17. Polygons and Circles
Practice Exercise

18. Mensuration
Sphere and Hemi-Sphere
Right Circular Cylinder
Right Circular Cone
Euler’s Theorem
Practice Exercise

19. Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry
Coordinate Geometry
Distance Formula
Section Formula
Centroid and Incentre of a Triangle
Area of a Triangle
Equations of Straight Line
Angle between Two Lines
Concurrent Lines
Distance between a Point and a Line
Distance between Two Parallel Lines
Position of a Point with Respect to a Line
Basic Results
Trigonometric Functions of Common Angles
Practice Exercise