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  1. Lucent Complete Mathematics Part 2: SSC Higher Mathematics

    Author: Rishikesh Kumar

    Regular Price: Rs 150.00

    Special Price Rs 135.00

    Saving:10%(Rs 15.00)

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  2. Lucent Complete Mathematics Part I: For Concept & Ability To Solve Faster

    Author: Rishikesh Kumar

    Regular Price: Rs 300.00

    Special Price Rs 236.00

    Saving:21%(Rs 64.00)

     COD Available 

  3. Lucent Verbal Reasoning

    Author: Er. Bhupendra Singh, Vibha Rani

    Regular Price: Rs 390.00

    Special Price Rs 296.00

    Saving:24%(Rs 94.00)

     COD Available 

  4. Lucent General Science

    Author: Ravi Bhushan

    Regular Price: Rs 216.00

    Special Price Rs 149.00

    Saving:31%(Rs 67.00)

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  5. Lucent General English

    Author: A K.THAKUR, Veena Thakur

    Regular Price: Rs 300.00

    Special Price Rs 265.00

    Saving:12%(Rs 35.00)

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  6. Lucent Vastunishth Samanya Gyan (Objective GK Hindi)

    Author: Neeraj Chandra Chaudhary, Sanjiv Kumar

    Regular Price: Rs 315.00

    Special Price Rs 244.00

    Saving:23%(Rs 71.00)

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  7. Lucent General Knowledge Manual 2017 and Varada's Current Affairs (Pack of 2 Books)

    Author: Sanjeev, Binay, Renu, Suman, Mukul, Rajani Jairath

    Regular Price: Rs 430.00

    Special Price Rs 258.00

    Saving:40%(Rs 172.00)

     COD Available 

  8. Lucent Objective General Knowledge (English)

    Author: Sunil Kumar Singh, Sanjiv Kumar, Rani Ahilya, Renu Sinha, R. P. Suman, Sanjeev Kumar

    Regular Price: Rs 360.00

    Special Price Rs 246.00

    Saving:32%(Rs 114.00)

     COD Available 

  9. Lucent General Knowledge, 2018 8th Edition

    Author: Sanjeev Kumar, Renu Sinha, Binay Karna, Manwendra Mukul, R. P. Suman

    Regular Price: Rs 216.00

    Special Price Rs 190.00

    Saving:12%(Rs 26.00)

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