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  1. Fiber - Optic Communication Systems, 4ed

    Author: Govind P. Agrawal

    Regular Price: Rs 839.00

    Special Price Rs 704.00

    Saving:16%(Rs 135.00)

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  2. Data Analytics using R

    Author: Seema Acharya

    Regular Price: Rs 550.00

    Special Price Rs 490.00

    Saving:11%(Rs 60.00)

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  3. Communication Receivers

    Author: Ulrich L., Rohde Jerry C. Whitaker, Hans Zahnd

    Regular Price: Rs 1,295.00

    Special Price Rs 1,086.00

    Saving:16%(Rs 209.00)

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  4. Prestressed Concrete

    Author: N Krishna Raju

    Regular Price: Rs 650.00

    Special Price Rs 570.00

    Saving:12%(Rs 80.00)

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  5. Python: The Complete Reference

    Author: Martin C. Brown

    Regular Price: Rs 699.00

    Special Price Rs 629.00

    Saving:10%(Rs 70.00)

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  6. Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations

    Author: Tyler G. Hicks, P.E.

    Regular Price: Rs 1,199.00

    Special Price Rs 1,079.00

    Saving:10%(Rs 120.00)

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  7. Automatic Control Systems

    Author: Farid Golnarghi & Benjamin C. Kuo

    Regular Price: Rs 1,799.00

    Special Price Rs 1,619.00

    Saving:10%(Rs 180.00)

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  8. Robots and Robotics

    Author: Mark R. Miller & Rex Miller

    Regular Price: Rs 899.00

    Special Price Rs 809.00

    Saving:10%(Rs 90.00)

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  9. Handbook of Electric Power Calculations

    Author: H. Wayne Beaty & Surya Santoso

    Regular Price: Rs 1,399.00

    Special Price Rs 1,259.00

    Saving:10%(Rs 140.00)

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  10. Sports: A Way of Life

    Author: Kanishka Pandey

    Regular Price: Rs 579.00

    Special Price Rs 463.00

    Saving:20%(Rs 116.00)

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  11. Wiley RFID Handbook, 3ed

    Author: Klaus Finkenzeller

    Regular Price: Rs 679.00

    Special Price Rs 543.00

    Saving:20%(Rs 136.00)

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  12. Wiley's Research Analytics: A Practical Approach to Data Analysis

    Author: Ajay Kumar Chauhan

    Regular Price: Rs 529.00

    Special Price Rs 450.00

    Saving:15%(Rs 79.00)

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