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MTG 31 Years NEET-AIPMT Chapterwise Solutions - Physics + Chemistry + Biology

( 2018, English, Paperback )

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Buy MTG 31 Years NEET-AIPMT Chapterwise Solutions - Physics + Chemistry + Biology at Rs. 855.


MTG’s 31 years NEET/AIPMT Chapter Wise Solutions Biology is a chapter wise question bank having questions from past 31 years NEET/AIPMT exam. This book is updated with the questions of NEET 2018 exam and Chapter wise questions of last 31 years’ (1988-2018) of AIPMT/NEET with detailed answers for easy and clear understanding of NEET Exam pattern. Chapter wise questions gives a clear idea regarding chapter weightage. Once after completing the chapter, attempting questions from previous years exams give a real indication of the efforts required.

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Additional Information

Book Code 31
Author MTG
About Author Books are written by experienced and result-oriented teachers and educationists.
Book Type Previous Years Solved Papers
Publishers MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd
About Publisher

MTG Learning Media was established in 1982, publications sole aim is to enable students to rise to their potential in the key areas of Science, Mathematics, English, and Computers.

MTG’s books, workbooks and magazines are developed based on the insight that students learn in different ways. And that students need different kinds of material to train depending on their individual challenges which is what our courses provide. The monthly magazines – Physics for You, Chemistry Today, Mathematics Today and Biology Today – are based on precisely this premise.

MTG is the sponsor of the National Science Olympiad, the International Maths Olympiad, the National Cyber Olympiad and a host of science workshops throughout the year.

Publishing Year 2018
Shelf Category Study Aids & Exam Preparation
Pages 492
Binding Paperback
Language English
Edition 2018-19
Exam NEET PCB 2019 | NAT PCB 2019
<div><strong>TABLE OF CONTENT: Physics</strong></div>
<div>1. Units and Measurement&nbsp;</div>
<div>2. Motion in a Straight Line&nbsp;</div>
<div>3. Motion in a Plane&nbsp;</div>
<div>4. Laws of Motion&nbsp;</div>
<div>5. Work, Energy and Power&nbsp;</div>
<div>6. System of Particles and Rotational Motion&nbsp;</div>
<div>7. Gravitation&nbsp;</div>
<div>8. Properties of Matter&nbsp;</div>
<div>9. Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory&nbsp;</div>
<div>10. Oscillations&nbsp;</div>
<div>11. Waves&nbsp;</div>
<div>12. Electrostatics&nbsp;</div>
<div>13. Current Electricity &nbsp;</div>
<div>14. Moving Charges and Magnetism&nbsp;</div>
<div>15. Magnetism and Matter&nbsp;</div>
<div>16. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current&nbsp;</div>
<div>17. Electromagnetic Waves&nbsp;</div>
<div>18. Optics&nbsp;</div>
<div>19. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter&nbsp;</div>
<div>20. Atoms and Nuclei&nbsp;</div>
<div>21. Semiconductor Electronics : Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits</div>
<div><strong>TABLE OF CONTENT: Chemistry</strong></div>
<div>1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry&nbsp;</div>
<div>2. Structure of Atom&nbsp;</div>
<div>3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties&nbsp;</div>
<div>4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure&nbsp;</div>
<div>5. States of Matter : Gases and Liquids&nbsp;</div>
<div>6. Thermodynamics&nbsp;</div>
<div>7. Equilibrium&nbsp;</div>
<div>8. Redox Reactions&nbsp;</div>
<div>9. Hydrogen&nbsp;</div>
<div>10. s-Block Elements&nbsp;</div>
<div>11. p-Block Elements (Group 13 and 14)&nbsp;</div>
<div>12. Organic Chemistry &ndash; Some Basic Principles and Techniques&nbsp;</div>
<div>13. Hydrocarbons&nbsp;</div>
<div>14. Environmental Chemistry&nbsp;</div>
<div>15. Solid State&nbsp;</div>
<div>16. Solutions&nbsp;</div>
<div>17. Electrochemistry&nbsp;</div>
<div>18. Chemical Kinetics&nbsp;</div>
<div>19. Surface Chemistry&nbsp;</div>
<div>20. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements&nbsp;</div>
<div>21. p-Block Elements (Group 15 to 18)&nbsp;</div>
<div>22. d-and f-Block Elements&nbsp;</div>
<div>23. Coordination Compounds&nbsp;</div>
<div>24. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes&nbsp;</div>
<div>25. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers&nbsp;</div>
<div>26. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids&nbsp;</div>
<div>27. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen&nbsp;</div>
<div>28. Biomolecules&nbsp;</div>
<div>29. Polymers&nbsp;</div>
<div>30. Chemistry in Everyday Life&nbsp;</div>
<div>31. Nuclear Chemistry .</div>
<div><strong>TABLE OF CONTENT: Biology</strong></div>
<div>1. The Living World</div>
<div>2. Biological Classification</div>
<div>3. Plant Kingdom</div>
<div>4. Animal Kingdom</div>
<div>5. Morphology of Flowering Plants</div>
<div>6.Anatomy of Flowering Plants</div>
<div>7.Structural Organisation in Animals</div>
<div>8.Cell-The Unit of Life</div>
<div>10.Cell Cycle and Cell Division</div>
<div>11.Transport in Plants</div>
<div>12.Mineral Nutrition</div>
<div>13.Photosynthesis in Higher Plants</div>
<div>14.Respiration in Plants</div>
<div>15.Plant Growth and Development</div>
<div>16.Digestion and Absorption</div>
<div>17.Breathing and Exchange of Gases</div>
<div>18.Body Fluids and Circulation</div>
<div>19.Excretory Products and Their Elimination</div>
<div>20.Locomotion and Movement</div>
<div>21.Neural Control and Coordination</div>
<div>22. Chemical Coordination and Integration</div>
<div>23.Reproduction in Organisms</div>
<div>24. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants</div>
<div>25.Human Reproduction</div>
<div>26.Reproductive Health</div>
<div>27. Principles of Inheritance and Variation</div>
<div>28.Molecular Basis of Inheritance</div>
<div>30.Human Health and Diseases</div>
<div>31. Strategies for Enhancement in&nbsp;</div>
<div>Food Production</div>
<div>32.Microbes in Human Welfare</div>
<div>33. Biotechnology: Principles and Processes</div>
<div>34. Biotechnology and Its Applications</div>
<div>35. Organisms and Populations</div>
<div>36. Ecosystem</div>
<div>37. Biodiversity and Conservation</div>
<div>38. Environmental Issues</div>
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