PM rejects scope for third party mediation in Kashmir

RBI showers Rs. 1,76 Lakh Crore bonanza on Govt.

Punjab Govt. announces free wheat seed to flood-hit farmers

Punjab Govt. undertakes plantation drive

Gold Winner - Sindhu is on course to become India's greatest woman athlete ever

Earth's burning lungs - Brazil's attitude to the destruction of large areas of the Amazon rainforest is worrying

India's culture of toxic masculinity - Violent masculinity is oppressive, exacerbates social conflict and is incompatible with democracy

Talking trade with the EU - Why it is important for India to hasten talks with the EU on a free trade agreement

PM highlights war on single-use plastic - At G7 session, he speaks of conserving water, harnessing solar energy and protecting flora and fauna

J&K villages cut off, say panchayat members - 'We are starved of basic rations'. "if the government bullets don't kill, starvation will"

Imports from U.S to grow, trade Ministers to meet soon - Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday informed U.S President Donald Trump that India planned to further step up imports, including of oil, from the U.S and an estimated $4 billion of imports were already "in the pipeline"

Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Himachal top India's child well-being index - Meghalaya, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh features at the bottom, says NGO, using the States to take action

Going Green - 5 mn hectares of land set to be rejuvenated - The land rejuvenation work will be taken up from 2021

Remembring a painful past - The drive to rewrite the history of the Second World War also accentuates efforts to dilute the global 

Rediscovering development banks - The agenda to set up a development bank is a welcome initiative, but questions remain on its design

Cooperation in Russian Far East is a priority


Farmers losing patience with U.S. President - Trade war with China is taking a toll on exports 

'Review capital framework every 5 years' - Jalan panel for aligning RBI's accounting and financial years to cut need for paying interim dividend

Source - The Hindu, Delhi Edition 27th and 28th August 2019



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