The Hindu Headlines, Delhi Edition 18 September 2019

Govt. to peg MGNREGA wages to inflation in bid to hike incomes - Stimulus measure to link pay to consumer price index with annual revision

The Hindu Headlines, Delhi Edition 04 September 2019

 India Pledges $ 200,000 for Health emergency fund


The Hindu Headlines, Delhi Edition 02 September 2019

 India Facing Prolonged slowdown: Dr. Manmohan Singh - Former PM blames it on note ban, GST

'We're hearing out all sectors' - Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

Mamallapuram to host Modi-Xi meet in October

Rs 1.8-cr. project to naturally treat wastewater

Slowdown cripples markets, festive season fails to bring cheer

Russia to train Indian astronauts - New Delhi is taking Moscow's help for Gaganyaan, its manned mission to space

Slowdown cripples markets, festive season fails to bring cheer

NRC - Over 19 Lakh excluded from final NRC (National Register of Citizens) in Assam

NRC - Tiwari rakes up Delhi NRC again

Investigation ordered into uranium contamination - A.P CM orders action on complaints

Gurugram hospital treats obesity with new procedure - It is the first in north India to introduce Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

Govt. school students to have YouTube channel, blog - IT club of a school at Koothattukulam in Kerala will train students to showcase creativity online

Monsoon deficit reduces to near zero

Switzerland to share bank account info - Will be available to tax authorities here from Sunday (01-09-2019)

Now 'revolving-door' arrests on Kashmir - 1,500 youth have been held for short periods and released to contain street clashes in Valley

U.S. moving ahead with new tariffs on Chinese imports

A central bank or government piggy bank?

What is the economics behind e-vehicle batteries?

10 Public sector banks to be merged - Big banks will have enhanced credit capacity and global competitive edge, says Nirmala Sitharaman

GDP growth down to 6-year low in Q1 - Manufacturing sector takes a hit

West Bengal passes Bill to prevent, punish mob lynching

Liberalism runs into national populism - No country has found the golden mean between free-range liberalism and statism - Russian President Vladimir Putin with an interview to the Financial Times

  • Economic Liberalism - Which emphasis free competition and the self-regulating market and which is commonly associated with the  globalisation and minimal state intervention in the economy

  • Political Liberalism - Which for most commentators is founded on 'belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human being, the autonomy of the individual, and standing for political and civil liberties'

  • Social Liberalism -  'linked to the protection of minority groups, and such issues as LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage'

    UN warns of rising seas, storm surges - Draft report says rising global ocean waterline could displace 250 million people by year 2100

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